The goal of our organization is to help people with different forms of addiction. We achieve this goal through group meetings, individual and group therapies, as well as full support while overcoming physical and emotional addictions. We help people recover, find their path and purpose, and achieve their personal goals. We know what you are going through, and we are here – because we care.


What People are Saying


I have my own chip that represents seven years since my last drink, as well as a place in your organization as one of the advisers to people who come with us.


My alcohol addiction fight lasts every day, but my drinking problem ended with you. Here I found my new friends, my new colleagues, and my closest family.


As a drug addict, my life was dark. I held onto it with fingertips. Now, with the therapy and your programs, my life has just begun. Thanks immensely.


Now I know that addiction is just a small part of me, but that I am not an addict. I’m better and more than that.

How can we help


Therapy – we have different types of group and individual therapies for almost every kind of addiction there is. Here you will learn how to deal with your addiction and lead a better life.

Workshops -Some of them are there to help you get involved in the environment and you feel like part of it. There are also those that will help you to emotionally recover learning new mechanisms that will help you. And there are those that will help you find a job or a calling that you will love.

Events – Through informal gatherings, you will again discover the forgotten good sides of yourself.

Humanitarian actions – here you can, but you do not have to volunteer with our other members in order to help different groups of people in trouble.

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